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Noah the wise

I was the minister

Noah graduated in 2004 and, unsure of what he wanted to do, went to college on a music scholarship.This was fine for a couple of years, but then symphonies all over the country started going under and his career seemed no longer safe. Noah sprang to action, and dropped out of school to go work tech support. Noah left the midwest in 2007, and moved to Portland OR to be with his brother and for a change of scenery. He went to and worked for the school for a couple of years, then got into software development. After leaving school and working in software for 4-5 years he was in a very comfortable rut. Head of his department and very good at his job. Cue Zach entering with a proposition. Leave his career and travel through Asia for the foreseeable future? Why not?

Zach the Brave

mmmmm, delicious

After graduating High School in 2005, Zach was ready for an adventure. Over the next 9 months he backpacked 17 countries including Egypt, Germany and Jordan. After a short stint in the Air Force Zach was faced with taking on the work force. After a number of jobs and years of partying he joined one of the nations largest grocers in 2012. Zach quickly moved through the ranks and within a year and a half was a 2nd Assistant Store Manager, but Zach was after much more than a well paying high stress career. After a few years of heartache was now the time to give it all up, pack his bag and buy a one way ticket to nowhere? Absolutely!

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. James Pollard

    Hey guys! I’ll be meeting you for Kevin’s wedding, wanted to say what you’re doing is awesome. I hope to turn nomadic pretty quickly too.

  2. Zach the Brave

    Hey James, unfortunately I wont be able to make the wedding. Just arrived in Stockholm today to take care of some family stuff. But you are more than welcome to join us on our adventure at anytime!


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